The Vision for this ministry, GODLY WOMEN IN ACTION, guided by the Holy Spirit of God. 

We need a REVOLUTION in this country! We need to reach the Daughters of God to rise them up and have them become leaders for God. Through the instructions of the Holy Spirit, we will train up these women of God to become Warriors in the fight against the darkness of the spiritual world. We need to know who our adversary is and how to win battles in our own personal lives. 

This ministry led by the Holy Spirit is designed to help Empower, Encourage, Teach, and Heal women who are seeking God’s heart. 

Through our Savior The Lord Jesus Christ, we will impact cities all across this great nation. Bringing back and rising up the Daughters of God. To have them become an influence on other women to walk and live for our Savior. 

This ministry is dedicated to women (believers and non-believers) by women of God. We are here to Shine the Light of Jesus Christ in this dark world and be the example of Living by the Spirit of God. We are called by the Holy Spirit to reach the lost women of the world bring them to know, love, and follow our Savior Jesus Christ. Most importantly,  the Holy Spirit has commissioned us to seek out those women who are in the midst of the Body of Christ but yet are Lost Sheep.  

If after reading our Vision, Purpose, and Mission Statement above, you are compelled by the Holy Spirit to be part of helping this ministry on its crusade across the nation. We welcome you to give offerings. Your donation is humbly and gratefully appreciated. We will include you in our monthly reports so you can see how your love offering is going to help so many lost people. 

May the Peace and Joy of our Heavenly Father be with you always... Thank you for your contribution


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