God is looking for women all around this great nation who have been called by His Holy Spirit to take Action.

If you have often felt a pull on your heart to be part of something for God that is Bigger and Greater than yourself, please continue reading. GODLY WOMEN IN ACTION….……A Crusade for reaching lost women (believers and unbelievers). A Revolution to Revive the Daughter’s of God to lead other daughter’s of God. To Proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. To Teach the younger Sisters to follow Jesus by the Holy Spirit.

This mission is greater than all of us. We need our Sisters in Christ to answer the “Call” that is on your heart right now. Please DO NOT allow the enemy right now to stop you from contacting us. Even if you don’t think you are ready, or knowledgeable enough, or equipped, WE still encourage you to contact us. We want to connect with you. You will not be obligated to anything but a phone call from one of our leaders. Joining our team is a process that does not happen overnight. We urge our Sister’s to please not let this opportunity pass you by. For this might be the Holy Spirit working in Your life right now to have you answer your "Calling". Connect with us right now simply because the Holy Spirit is compelling you to do so.

WE thank you for being obedient to the Spirit of God as you fill out our questionnaire below. This should only take you a few minutes. God bless you Sister.

Please tell us about yourself:  
City and State
Phone Number
Marital Status
If yes how many and how old are they? Ages (Separated by comma)
How long ago did you accept Christ?
Do you attend church?
If yes, where and how long have you been attending? where? how long? years
Are you in the ministry now?
If yes, please briefly tell us about that
If you like, please give us a brief description about yourself, this calling you have, your life, your background, etc. Whatever you would like to share with us.

If after reading our Vision, Purpose, and Mission Statement above, you are compelled by the Holy Spirit to be part of helping this ministry on its crusade across the nation. We welcome you to give offerings. Your donation is humbly and gratefully appreciated. We will include you in our monthly reports so you can see how your love offering is going to help so many lost people. 

May the Peace and Joy of our Heavenly Father be with you always... Thank you for your contribution


      Email us at: godlywomeninaction@yahoo.com


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