Do you often feel you are broken?
Do you feel at times lost and confused about your life?
Wondering so much how to fix things in your life?
Are you single and alone but wish you had that special someone to share your life with?
Does this feeling cause you to be sad, depressed, lonely?
Are you married and often at times wish you weren’t?
Do you feel your marriage is in trouble?
Can’t seem to communicate with your husband lately or its been going on like this for years?
Do you spend hours praying, crying, talking to girlfriends, or just thinking how to make things right at home?
Or worst yet, are you at the point of giving up on your marriage?
Are you in a relationship that is struggling?
Do you often find yourself asking God is this the “right” man for you?
Are you having trouble finding the Will of God for your life?
Not sure what direction God wants you to go in?

All of these questions and concerns seem to be very common among women today. Whatever your circumstances might be right now, and however you might be feeling right now, WE are here for YOU. The leaders and members of this ministry are women just like you who have walked in your shoes and have had their share of lifetime struggles. Thru the Holy Spirits guidance we have learned how to break FREE from the bondage of our own miseries. We are here to help you have that same victory in your life. By contacting us, we will put you together with one of our leaders in your area. Our leaders are trained and empowered by the Holy Spirit of God to assist you in your walk with Christ. To a life of freedom from misery, from loneliness, from depression, from anxiety, from deep sadness, and all that is holding you back from experiencing the true Love, Joy and Peace that is found only in God.

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If after reading our Vision, Purpose, and Mission Statement above, you are compelled by the Holy Spirit to be part of helping this ministry on its crusade across the nation. We welcome you to give offerings. Your donation is humbly and gratefully appreciated. We will include you in our monthly reports so you can see how your love offering is going to help so many lost people. 

May the Peace and Joy of our Heavenly Father be with you always... Thank you for your contribution


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